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LG VELVET Android 11 coming updates -What Are the Changes ?Preview

LGVELVET Android 11 which will soon start OS preview.

The overall interface is made based on LG WING's UX. So for User will be more comfortable with the new UX including Android 11 Features.

What are the Changes?

The first is Bubble notification in messaging App, That one of the features of Android 11. You Can additionally set up Bubble notifications from the existing Pop-up style Notification.

When you set up Bubble Notification, a Floating icon in the form of a bubble is created. I thought it would be useful.

(Since the floating bubble notification function was newly released. It would have been nice to have the existing floating bar as well).

The Second is the notification window, Which has changed the most in this LG Android 11. We are showing more a practical & pretty UI with the same UI as LG WING.

In addition, It is divided into conversation/Notification/Silent Notification with the granular notification display, Which is a change of point at Android 11they are displayed according to their priority.

Since it is an early beta version, change to media control reorganized in the Android 11have not yet been reflected.

As mentioned earlier biggest change in Android 11is the notification function and a lot of functions have been added for it.

Bubble conversation notification and notification history view have been added, and recent notifications have been changed so that you can them at a glance.

and an option has been added so that only icons can be displayed on the lock screen.

As it is displayed as an icon. I am able to create a cleaner lock screen.

The Music app has also changed slightly. The layout has been changed to show more playlists than before playlists.

In addition, The interface for displaying artists has been also changed, but personally, it was noticeable and much prettier than before.

And it's more convenient to use the playback control in the playlist that isn't in the photo, But you are playing now.

The Power control button that appears when you press and hold the power button has been changed.

Also, When you use the Google home button, A window to control the device is created as shown in the image above.

On the Biggest change in this LG VELVET in Android 11 is the Camera.

As the interface of the camera became the same as that of LG WING, It changed quite neatly and pretty.

Even in the Night View, The Second to wait is displayed right away, and when you press the shutter, The circle frame is filled as in the Photo, Pretty animation has been added.

Also, the interface and animation of the Time-Lapse camera have been changed.

There is a new night Time-Lapse function on the camera.

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